Such a relish!

Ce n’est que déjà bien entamé le dernier roman de John Boyne que j’ai réalisé que la liseuse indiquait plus de 500 pages (en cela, le papier est bien plus pratique pour "soupeser" sa lecture à venir !). Et pendant un petit moment, je me suis figuré y passer tout le mois...
Mais ce ne devrait pas être le cas; ça se dévore comme un rien. C’est drôle, ironique, tendre et bourré d’esprit. Je me régale !

‘Why must they be so loud?’ she asked, ignoring my question. “Really, it’s too much. How is a person supposed to get any work done? By the way, since you’re here, can you think of another word for fluorescent?’ she asked.
'Glowing?’ I suggested. 'Luminous? Incandescent?’
'Incandescent, that’s the one’, she said. 'You’re a clever boy for eleven, aren’t you?’
'I’m seven’, I told her, struck once again by the question of whether my adoptive parents even realized that I was a child and not some sort of small adult who had been foisted upon them.
'Well then. Even more impressive’, she said, closing the door behind her and returning to her smoke-filled cave.

'I’m a handsome, powerful man, with a well-earned reputation in this town as a formidable lover. Women love that sort of thing.’
'What you know about women, replied Maude, could be written in large font on the back of a postage stamp and there’d still be room for the Lord’s Prayer. For all your great flirtations and seductions, for all your tarts, whores, girlfriends and wives, you’ve really learned nothing about us over the years, have you?’
‘What is there to learn?’ he asked, possibly just trying to annoy her now that she was pouring scorn on his masculinity. ‘It’s not as if these are particularly complex creatures that we’re talking about. Unlike dolphins, for example. Or St Bernard dogs.’

 John Boyne - The Heart’s Invisible Furies (Doubleday-2016)