Affichage des articles du août 24, 2017

“This is why I paint,” he says. “To get black men into museums”

My father was intelligent and hardworking. He taught himself everything. He drove a big Cadillac so that we would be like the children of the doctors and lawyers. However, he was domineering and violent. He believed that we would respect him if we feared him. We feared him.

I realized that a book can reach out and embrace you like an arm and make you walk away from everything you thought you understood.

When he could, he always left enormous tips. He loved to shock, even shock with generosity. It was like punching someone.

Most of Jean-Michel’s outlandish behavior has to do with a desire to fuck with people’s racism.

He takes a blue marker out of his pocket and paints on Suzanne’s arm. He paints her humerus, ulna, radius and carpus. He writes “animal cell” on the inside of her wrist. He draws a ring around her finger.
“Now you are my wife,” he says.
Keith [Haring] was an amazing person. It was really he who brought graffiti into the SoHo galleries. He opened the door for it and made it legi…