Affichage des articles du août 31, 2015

The world according to Henry Shackleford

“Whatever he believed, he believed. It didn’t matter to him whether it was really true or not. He just changed the truth till it fit him. He was a real white man.”

“…for one thing you learns when you is a girl is that most women’s hearts is full of secrets.”

“I come to enjoy them talks, for even though I’d gotten used to living a lie -being a girl- it come to me this way: Being a Negro’s a lie, anyway. Nobody see the real you. Nobody knows who you are inside. You just judged on what you are on the outside whatever your color. Mulatto, colored, black, it don’t matter. You just a negro to the world. I come to the understanding that maybe what was on the inside was more important, and that your outer covering didn’t count so much as folks thought it did, colored or white, man or woman.”
(p. 251)
“Being a Negro means showing your best face to the white man every day. You know his wants, his needs, and watch him proper. But he don’t know your wants. He don’t know your needs or feeling or what’…