Affichage des articles du septembre 21, 2015

« Tu verras. Y aura d'autres émeutes raciales en 20200. Ou avant. Je sais pas. »

See, when it comes to Mexican people in this city, we know all about the zoot suiters getting beat the fuck down by white marines and navy dudes and shit. Everybody’s abuelo has got a good story about that. What was that, like 1944 or something? Close enough.
So that shit was about race. It was simple, like: see a brown dude looking slick, smack the shine straight out of his shoes with all your white brothers. Unleash on that fool for dressing prettier than you, you know?
After that happens, everybody looks back and is like (in my best white-newscaster-dude voice), “Wow, that was terrible, just awful, no way should that ever happen again.”
But then they forget about it, and they forget they even thought it was bad, and for a while nothing happens, but nothing got fixed either, it’s just getting drier, ready for another burn, and that’s when Watts happens, which I guess blew up in the ‘60s, cuz nobody’s old-as-fuck uncle will shut up about that shit either. (I don’t know much about famili…