Affichage des articles du avril 18, 2016

Copains comme chimpanzés

Up ahead, Charles could see the gates of the Toneybee. He had never imagined, back in his bedroom on Chalk Street, that he would end up here, with a woman like Laurel. She made things magic for him. It was a weird kind of magic: it did not bring him anything recognizable, any sort of understood glory. It brought something deeper, something that he did not know he needed until it was in front of him. He didn’t particularly care for Charlie—he’d never liked animals much—but he did care for this, for the drive rolling out before him and the large house in front of him that was definitely not Chalk Street. He cared for what was beyond the limits of his understanding. He’d broken through, somehow, gone past his block and reached a different country. It was strange, it was new, he could not say yet whether or not it was good. But it was something he could never have imagined, and for that, he was grateful.

Callie gazed at the TV screen. Charlotte put her backpack on the ground…