Affichage des articles du mars 16, 2017

“An in-between monster that doesn’t do bad or good, he just watches everything”

“Okay, I’m ready to draw now,” he said.
“That’s great,” Milly said, trying not to sound as triumphant as she felt. She reached for her bag. “Do you want to try some colored pencils? They’re more—” Should she use the word sophisticated with a four-year-old? “They’re for bigger-kid artists, so you might like them.”
He lay on his belly with his ankles crossed in the air and started in. Milly was careful to leave him alone, to mind her own drawing and focus on the other boys. Milly felt a tremendous calm overtake her; she didn’t feel any sense of having forgotten some urgent other matter, something that often nagged at her. At a certain point, she glanced at Mateo and he glanced up and bugged his eyes out at her, as if to say, What, lady? which made her laugh, which made him smile faintly as he went back to his work.
“Here,” he said finally, pushing his paper toward her.
A bloblike creature, all shades of blue and green, floated over a streetscape of pitched-roof houses and passersby—sophisti…