Affichage des articles du février 14, 2018

But why, may I ask, said Mr. Bevins, should there be different rules for children than for the rest of us? It does not seem fair.

He was the child in whom Lincoln had invested his fondest hopes; a small mirror of himself, as it were, to whom he could speak frankly, openly, and confidingly.
In “Reckoning: An Insider’s Memories of Difficult Times,” by Tyron Philian.
Will was the true picture of Mr. Lincoln, in every way, even to carrying his head slightly inclined toward his left shoulder.
Burlingame, op. cit., account of a Springfield neighbor.
One feels such love for the little ones, such anticipation that all that is lovely in life will be known by them, such fondness for that set of attributes manifested uniquely in each: mannerisms of bravado, of vulnerability, habits of speech and mispronouncement and so forth; the smell of the hair and head, the feel of the tiny hand in yours—and then the little one is gone! Taken! One is thunderstruck that such a brutal violation has occurred in what had previously seemed a benevolent world. From nothingness, there arose great love; now, its source nullified, that lov…