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Mississippi was still burning at the beginning of the 90s

My cousin Geneva? Said she heard some white man talkin ’bout that they dumped Uncle Lou’s body in the Mississippi and watched the gators feedin on it, and they was jus a-laughing, taking bets or some shit. And white folks say niggers is animals, that we next door to a ape. I tell you I’d rather be next door to a ape than next door to a goddamn cracker. At least a ape be my friend from Africa, wouldn’t sell his damn house on Tuesdy if I move next door on Mondy. See, to these folks, a animal is even more of a nigger than a nigger is. And you know animals is some beautiful creatures of God. What they think so bad ’bout being a ape?

For a long time, Eddie thought only about adjusting to the loss of his father, and the loss of the grocery store, not about seeking the cause of those losses, and no one pointed him in that direction—in fact, his relatives diverted his attention away from it. He would ask a direct question of a random cousin or of Bethella during her sporadic visits—How did my …