Affichage des articles du mars 26, 2017


taken literally it just happens the ay the weather
or the stock market happens
tangling in the unpierced flesh of one another
grappling with the shifting question of each other’s bodies
until the morning breaks across them and still their strength
no soft parts of stomachs no inch of them hung loose
like old sacking from the muscle
and burning afterwards or barely able to walk afterwards
or not giving a name because names ould add a history
and the tasting of the flesh and blood of someone
is something out of time

Jacob with the angel
I’m scared of bumping someone while they piss
those Mondays I’m a packhorse bags hung
swinging around the urinal bodies
and one day I know I’ll knock someone
and they’ll piss their legs or they’ll turn slightly
and show another man their full arc
or they’ll fall into their own wet puddle
cock limp and neither of us will look
or he’ll look at me avoiding looking
feigning interest in the hard cream tiles
maybe it’s that I dream of being bumped
knocked from my aim by a stranger

”Tragedy, comedy. It’s all a matter of vision”

“Baby, this play is about Erasmus. You can’t name it The Oneiroi.”
“Why?” Lotto said. “It’s a good name.”
“Nobody’s going to remember it. Nobody knows what it means. I don’t know what it means.”
“The Oneiroi are the sons of Nyx. Night. They’re dreams. Brothers of Hypnos, Thanatos, Geras: Sleep, Death, Old Age. This is a play about Erasmus’s dreams, baby. Prince of the Humanists! The bastard of a Catholic priest, orphaned by the plague in 1483. Desperately in love with another man—”
“I read the play, I know this already—”
“And the word Oneiroi makes me laugh. Erasmus was the man who said, In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. One-eyed king. Roi d’un oeil. Oneiroi.”
“Oh,” she said. She’d frowned when he’d spoken French; she’d been a French, art history, and classics triple major in college. Dark purple dahlia in the garden-side window, gleam of autumn light beyond. She came over to him, rested her chin on his shoulder, put her hands down his pants. “Well. It’s a sexy …