Affichage des articles du novembre 5, 2015

Alexandria duet

“A certain amount of lies is necessary to life.”

“His loneliness was now so big that it had become his life. With it there had grown a sort of finicky distaste, so that if the experience for which he longed had actually been offered to him, he feared he might refuse it.”

“But as they walked in the last sunshine, between the remnants of old Arab walls, a genuine lightness took hold of Morgan. Why couldn’t life always be this easy and this free? If you wanted to meet your friend, you simply met him, and what did it matter if he was from another race and class, and the social gulf was huge?
But of course it did matter […]”

“That they cared for one another, that they enjoyed each other’s company and spoke openly to one another, without awkwardness or barrier: that was the great sin. No emotion was supposed to cross the great divide of class. Affection could erase all hierarchy; in this was the danger, and the delight.”

“Just before he’d left Alexandria, Morgan had arranged for Mohammed to be p…