Affichage des articles du janvier 9, 2018

All of our desires on display on a screen. All of our wants readily available for dissection and derision from strangers

[...] for the hundredth time that day, I envisioned Ricky negotiating El Monte Springs, planning ways to escape, contemplating relationships, texting his sister, falling in love, sitting at his computer, and typing to a man he thought might introduce him to a life he could unequivocally embrace.

It’s not like he was in a car accident or something else that wasn’t really newsworthy. If that’d been the case, people would’ve talked about his shortened future or whatever, but in this case? No. They just wanted to place blame somewhere. Guns. Parents. Education. Technology. Small-town life. Homophobia. High school politics. You name it.”
“It’s like all of us, Ricky included, stopped being people when it all happened. We became causes, things to blame. It sucked. ’Cause, again, if it’d been a car accident, Ricky’d be a person who died too sooninstead of a person to figure out.”

It was an awful feeling, like not only was there a brick wall but there was something trying to get through th…