Affichage des articles du décembre 14, 2017

Isn’t it so much scarier when the monster comes dressed as the man?

RJ Walker performing at the 2016 Great Plains Poetry Pile-Up in Lincoln, NE (source)

Halloween à Noël... ou presque. Côté timing, je repasserai.
Mais on ne choisit pas la saisonnalité de ses coups de cœur.


In response to the question: “RJ, where is you Halloween costume?”
Well… I was originally planning on coming as my depression for Halloween.
But the costume was so big and heavy that I could not leave my house
And I saw no point in dressing up as a ghost seeing as I already am one,
Saw no point in paying 50$ to walk through a haunted house when my heart already is one.

So I came as this: I’m a bugger come dressed as a closet,
A graveyard come dressed as a fence.

Just because I wear it every day doesn’t make it any less a costume, Kevin.
I came to your Halloween party as a hilarious sad boy with a cracked dam of a chest,
As a suicide survivor,
As a fucking functional human being.

And goddamn, isn’t this costume convincing?
And goddamn, isn’t my smile enough of a mask for you…