Flowers frozen. We are alone tonite.


I fixing dark striped dress of Maude’s. Maude
ate good breakfast, oatmeal, poached eggs,
little sausage. Maude ate her dinner pretty
good. A letter from Lloyd saying John died the

Fine snow rabbit got away. I took pictures of
the frost ever where beautiful.


Kind a misty in A.M. I weighed 120 had on
blue & new shoes. My feet smelled some.

D. & V. got me pretty slippers for Mother’s
Day. Hard rain last evening sure do lot good.
Out to Mother’s grave with flowers.

Ruth came thru operation. Hiller’s house
burned. We went out to see what fire had done.
Sure clean sweep.

Ruth come wearing her new red wig. It will
look good when we get used to her. Awful
murky all day. D. dizzy. Lightning hit & burned
Charlie’s garage.


Took drive thru timber, turned and come back.
Found condemned bridge & we didn’t cross it

All kinds of roads. Dead end roads, roads
under construction, cow paths & etc but had
good time, a grand day.

Lee called. He found Maude on floor.
Dr. said bring her to hospital. D. & Vern have gone out there.

Mildred burnt her arm pretty good. Jar broke,
she canning tomatoes. Our apples not a bit nice.
So spotted. No company today.

D. got a big chunk wax out of right ear. Maude
was operated on this A.M. They took out tumor
in bladder it was cancer.


D. looking over magazines. Getting along fine
without her tooth. New coat. Started painting on
my other deer pictures. Didn’t take aspirin all

D. took Vern to hospital at 4:30. Not operating
on Vern, found sugar in blood. I am sewing. Got
neck done.


Vern sweat bad. D. restless. I slept  better. We
were in a mess. We took flowers out to
cemetery. Mother 121 years.

A large funeral. Lots of flowers.
Vern looked very nice.

Ever where glare of ice. We didn’t sleep too
good. My pep has left me.

D. & I out to cemetery toward evening.
Flowers frozen. We are alone tonite.

Kathryn Scanlan - Aug 9 - Fog (MCD, 2019)